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Casadei Blade 100mm

As you guys might know I am addicted to pointy high heels and patent leather! Last week I finally received my first Casadei Blade – I purchased the Mohawk by Casadei a couple of years ago but wanted to get the iconic Blade for such a long time. It´s available in four different heights: 2.6 inches, 3.1 inches,  4.5 inches and 5 inches! I decided to get the 4.5 inches model to test out how comfy and stable the heel is. I am in love with the design of the heel, it´s so architectural… I have to admit that the Blade is my new favorite, Casadei´s patent leather is so soft, the heel is easy to walk and I feel so comfortable in these heels and the design is awesome! I can´t wait to get the 5 inch model now!!! Compared to Louboutin´s So Kate the Blade is like walking on clouds and the look is not less sexy at all. I think that I will get the 5 inch Blade in suede maybe in a nice color like emerald green or a flirty red…?! I mean I admire the classic look, but a few fancy or colorful heels aren´t bad neither! We´ll see! I will keep you updated… ;)


I wore the Blade with a short black dress by Club L via Asos, a silk dress worn as a coat by H&M and the Chanel Timeless Classic Maxi in black caviar leather.



  1. SofarsoSabine says

    Oh Caroline! I like them a lot. Do they have them in nude colors as well?
    They look stunning on you. Together With Your handbag is just classy!

    Xo Sabine

    • Hey Sabine! :*

      Yes they are available in many differnet colors and materials! :) Nude suede is so pretty… *.* Thanks for your feedback! <3

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