#PUREMcLaren at Spa Francorchamps

Pure McLaren is the official track driving programme that offers McLaren owners the opportunity to experience the full performance capabilities of their cars, at events where iconic circuits and high-octane track experiences combine with the highest standards of hospitality.

McLaren has a number of different experiences to suit all levels and ambitions, whether you want to drive your McLaren around a famous track, take your first steps to becoming a performance driver or get your first taste of a McLaren supercar.


For owners that would like to drive their McLaren away from the restrictions of the road, our Owner Track Drives offer an authentic track experience combined with the high standards of hospitality you would expect from McLaren. The track programme promises an exhilarating and unmissable opportunity to enjoy the full potential of your McLaren and meet fellow enthusiasts.


For track enthusiasts that would like to learn to become better, safer and more accomplished drivers, our Performance Academy offers a challenging insight into the world of GT motorsport and can even help you take your first steps to becoming a performance driver. With the expert guidance of hand-picked driver coaches, the Pure McLaren Performance Academy will push you to your limits as you progress through three levels of intensive training in our fleet of McLaren 650S and 650S Sprint Cars.


For those that are new to McLaren, enjoy your first experience of our thrilling supercars in an open and relaxed track environment whilst being looked after by our team of professional drivers and technical experts.

Bookings are now open for our 2016 Pure McLaren Driving Experience programme. Book here.

We wen´t to Spa today to take a look at this event McLaren offers to their clients. Friendly people, happy drivers, all weather conditions (must be at Spa!) and the most beautiful and challenging track a driver could wish for! The famous YouTuber and Carspotter Tim, better known as Shmee150 also attended the event! Take a look at his impressions via Instagram!



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