Total 24H of Spa – Martin Solveig

As you guys know the Total 24H of Spa are really special for me and for that reason me and my team will do a featured special about this event. Every year there is a special act life on stage at the 24H of Spa. I remeber Bob Sinclar performing live, in Belgium the music taste is a bit different then in Germany. More House and Electronic – I really do prefer the belgian taste when it comes to music. This year Martin Solveig will be live on Stage! I am really excited about his performance, you may know he new sing “Intoxicated”. Next to the track a giant stage will be built up, while the drivers are fighting in the competition a huge party will take place right next to the track area. On Saturday, the 25th of july Martin Solveig will performe live on stage at 10 PM. Down below you can find a couple of his awesome tracks!