31 Things That Instantly Make Men Hot


A couple of days ago I was really bored and I scrolled down my whole Facebook news just to loose some time. After scrolling down a while an article of Marie Claire US got my attention. The title – 31 Things That Instantly Make Men Hot… I opened up the link and started reading all 31 facts that editor Anna Breslaw has listed. Guys you should really think about those facts– some thing that can make you more attractive are so easy and by the way – so sexy! ;) Below you can find my absolutely favorite facts… You can check the whole list if you click on THIS link. I personally add my 5 facts.

Hallo meine Lieben, vor ein Paar Tagen hatte ich solche Langeweile, dass ich seit langem mal wieder Facebook komplett durchgescrollt habe. Nach gefühlten 30 Minuten stieß ich auf einen Artikel der Marie Claire US – Die 31 Dinge, die einen Mann “heißer” machen. Mit solchem theoretischen Kram bekommt man mich ja immer, also schaute ich mir das Ganze mal an. Meine Favoriten könnt Ihr unten etwas visueller dargestellt sehen, wer von Euch alle 31 Fakten lesen möchte, der kann dies HIER tun. Ich habe noch 5 kleine Fakten von meiner Seite aus hinzugefügt…

Being able to cook at least one dish well. 






Putting on or taking off a tie.


Being awesome with kids.


When he’s fresh out of the shower. 




Non-sneaker shoes. 


The 5 facts I would add to the list…

Wearing a nice watch.


Know how to handle and drive a fast car.


Know how to make his girl hot, laugh – just happy. 


A gorgeous leather jacket.


Belts… :D


all images via tumblr

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  1. Oh my god this is all so true! Especially the tattoos and leather jacket I just love those items. Hey just made a blog about what guys find attractive in women. Maybe wanna check out?

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